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Toxiclear Professional Formula by Neurobiologix (120 Capsules)
Recommended for the elimination of toxins and other substances that may be harmful to the body.

Toxiclear Professional Formula is designed to promote balanced activity during the body's detoxification processes and aid in the removal of environmental toxins. It has been formulated to contain select ingredients to support healthy detoxification and enhance the activities of hepatic detoxification enzymes. Dual Phase Optimizers refers to those nutrients that have the ability to simultaneously influence and optimize the activity of certain Phase I enzymes as well as Phase II enzymes. By balancing and promoting these hepatoprotective properties these substances can favorably influence toxin metabolism and elimination of substances that may cause damage to the body.

Benefits of Toxiclear

  • ALA and Silymarin induces increase in glutathione production*
  • Contains high level of anti-oxidants to improve free-radical clearance*
  • Calcium-D-Glucarate improves estrogen clearance by the liver*
  • Promotes healthy liver function*
  • Provides excellent anti-inflammatory agents*
  • Promotes healing and healthy maintenance of skin, joints and nails*